Summary of features or bug fixes currently in development for the Pixii camera software.

Firmware (230407.3) - All models


IMPORTANT: This development release may update an internal program code which will take about 1 full minute. DO NOT power down the camera until the camera is finished with the FLASH phase restarts with the PIXII logo. If the camera gets stuck on the PIXII logo, it is ok to force restart or remove the battery beyond that point.

Software (6.4.23) - A2572 Model




How to test?

Update channels

To install the development version, you need to switch your camera and app to take updates from another software channel. By default, Pixii is configured to follow updates from the "release" channel. You can participate in the development process of the camera By switching to the "devel" channel.

Switching to "devel"

From the app, go to Settings > Pixii Camera and tap 6 times on "Hardware ID" or the "Camera sofware" item. This will reveal a channel selector just below. Tap on the channel name until you reach "devel". After a few seconds the app should automatically check if new updates are available. You can also tap on the "Check for updates" button at the bottom.

Firmware vs Software

The app will display blue dots when an update is available to install.

Please note that /software/ updates require the camera to be powered on with Wi-Fi connectivity in place. Firmware updates only require Bluetooth and will actually switch the camera to a suspended state prior to being installed.

For a summary of the kind of updates that can be installed, see also this blog post:

Getting back to stable

Using the channel chooser, you can switch back to receiving updates from the official "release" channel.

You can also downgrade your camera to revert to a stable firmware and software set. Once back on the stable channel, the app will display small arrow icons next to the software and firmware versions, instead of the blue dots for newer versions.